The Village of White Pigeon will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, April 17, 2019, at 7:00pm, at the regular council meeting at the Village Offices located at 103 S Kalamazoo St., White Pigeon, MI, for the following:

Items to be discussed during public hearing:

  • A description of drinking water quality needs, problems, and alternatives to be addressed by the proposed project.
  • A description of the recommended alternative, including a cost breakdown by project components.
  • A discussion of project financing and costs to users, including the proposed method of financing and any rate changes.
  • A description of the anticipated social and environmental impacts associated with the alternative and the measures taken to avoid those impacts

Comments may be presented in person at the hearing or may be submitted in writing to the Village Hall prior to the meeting.  All interested persons are invited to attend and give comment.

Sue Persing
Village Clerk

Posted by March 14, 2019
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